History of Boscawen and Webster 1878 – 1933


A reprinting of the history compiled by Willis G. Buxton in 1933. A prominent lawyer, New Hampshire state Senator and representative to the 1918 N.H. Constitutional Convention, he participated in all aspects of public and political affairs of the town of Boscawen and Webster. This history includes contributions written by many of its citizens in the days leading up to the two hundredth anniversary of the founding of the towns of Boscawen and Webster.

Written just 55 years after the Charles C. Coffin history of 1878, this history includes a continuation of the Coffin genealogies and many biographical sketches of the prominent citizens of the time. The book concludes with a complete accounting of the 1933 historical play, “Between the Mountain and the River”. Produced by Belle Blanchard Tabor, the play tells the story of Boscawen and Websters beginnings.


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